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Following on from an article on building the battlefield for the Portinhoikka-crossroads, Juha Nieminen from Mentor On Miniatures takes a look at his recent battle for Tali-Ihantala!

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala a


I choose armies to collect and paint for many different reasons. There are some favourite themes, like the US Army and Marines. Another reason is, of course, the time period and theatre, my friends in our club tend to agree some theatres before we start, just to make sure we have enemies for gaming. But since I’ve been collecting and painting for two years now, most of the periods tend to be covered at some level.

And since I’m a historically oriented painter, I try to be as correct as possible.  So, when I choose to make the Tali-Ihantala display table, the Finns were a no-brainer since it was one of the most crucial battles for us Finns during summer 1944.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala bRussians advance towards Portinhoikka crossroads.

Maybe you have been following my Tali – Ihantala gaming table project. Finally, the table was used for the purpose it was made for. A little while ago there was a hobby convention Suuri Snadi (which translates Big Small).

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala cTroops taking cover.

There were all sorts of scale hobbies on display, doll houses, scale models, model railroads and modelling competitions. Among all that our Club put up few demonstration tables and my Bolt Action table was one of them.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala dFinnish machine gun firing from forest line.

From late summer until now, I painted a bunch of Finnish troops and tanks and made final touches to the table just before the show. Then I borrowed Russian troops and tanks from club mates and all was set for a fantastic day.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala eFinnish armoured division tanks at the point of the advance.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala fRussian armour on the Karelian road.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala gThe Russian lead tank takes the hits.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala hAerial view of Russian attack column.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala iFinns on defence.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala jMedium howitzer firing.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala k sniperFinnish sniper in action.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala lRussians attacking.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala mFinns preparing a counter assault.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala nTank hunters getting ready.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala oOne down, more to go.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala p T34 FinnFamous Finnish tank in action at Portinhoikka.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala qFinnish rifleman in his element.

Demo Table Tali-Ihantala rAttack finally stopped for a while…

Hope you’ve liked my table!

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