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Hobby: Sam Phillips Winter Russians

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Warlord Writer Sam Phillip’s has been bitten with the winter bug and shows off his Winter Russians ready for combat.

Sam Phillips BA Russian 4

Sam: My Soviet force is tailored so I can use it on the snowy battlefields of WW2. The two SMG squads along with the free rifle squad are there to charge straight for the enemy, with the two Universal Carriers sporting the HQ section, and giving me an option to place a small squad within for support.

Sam Phillips BA Russian 8

Sam Phillips BA Russian 1

Sam Phillips BA Russian 3

Sam Phillips BA Russian 6

The Aerosan is one of my favourite models, very unique and is a great looking bit of kit! The vehicle can tow a ski squad behind it, giving me an agile little unit to harass the Bosch! I plan on adding a second one in the near future.

Sam Phillips BA Russian 10

Ski troops move up through the 4Ground forest and past a Russian Derevnya (Hamlet)

Backed up by a sniper, anti-tank rifle, and some armoured support, it makes for a great little force!

Sam Phillips BA Russian 9

20151013_110508 (1)

In the works are even more infantry, as the Winter squads are fantastic miniatures, and heavier tanks are a must!

Sam Phillips BA Russian 4

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