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Latest FAQ, Errata & New Rules: Konflikt ’47

Latest FAQ, Errata & New Rules: Konflikt ’47

We present the latest FAQ and errata for Konflikt ’47, updated May 04 2020. Additionally, this document includes new previously-experimental rules, that have now been playtested within the community to a stage that they are now ready for inclusion within the standard rules: Suppressive Fire Certain weapons, particularly machine guns, have a role on the…

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Konflikt ’47: US Paragon Squad

The US launch their answer to German super-soldiers – the enhanced soldiery of the Paragon programme are hunters of the dreaded Nachtjäger. The US Paragon programme is a highly secret application of Rift-tech science that looks to enhance human genetics and biology at a molecular level. Results have been highly variable but the success rate…

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New: Panther-X with Light Rail Gun

The heavy and versatile chassis of the Panther makes for the perfect weapons platform for the Schwerefeld Projector… Here is the new Panther-X for Konflikt ’47. View in Store The versatile and highly effective Panther tank has been upgraded with a modernised and field tested Schwerefeld Projector to create a well-armed and armoured medium tank….

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New: Tesla AT Gun

Fire devasting arcs of electricity into the enemies ranks with the new Tesla AT gun! View in Store The directed energy weapons conceived and developed by Nikola Tesla have had an immediate impact on the battlefield. Even heavily-armoured vehicles are vulnerable to electricity and with a dispersion setting, squads of infantry can be attacked just…

Konflikt '47, Latest Products

New: Towed ZP Gun

Nothing can escape the powerful Zvukovoy Proyektor. Now fielded by the standard Soviet trooper! View in Store These Soviet-designed sonic shock cannons are brutally effective against infantry and unprotected vehicle crews, utilising ultra-low frequencies focussed into an energy pulse that behaves like a battering ram they can disrupt most targets they face. The beam dissipates…