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Blood Red April: New Scenarios from the Ready Room

We present April themed scenarios from the Blood Red Skies Ready Room Facebook group.

Blood Red April: New Scenarios from the Ready Room
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Blood Red April

Over on the Blood Red Skies Ready Room Facebook group they’ve been holding an informal competition to write themed historical scenarios based on those in Blood Red Skies and Air Strike! with a theme of the month of April.

This downloadable document showcases some of the entries for you to try out yourself.

Thanks to Gunter Wolf, Steve Ellis, Sean Griffiths and Ken Natt.

Air Strike!

Blood Red Skies: Air Strike! is a rules compendium that presents all of the rules from the original Blood Red Skies starter set and adds many new ones suitable for expanded air operations: ground and sea targets, bombing, strafing and torpedo attacks, defensive flak and terrain. Jet aircraft are introduced with the MiG Alley expansion and there is additional guidance for historic and competitive play.

The book includes seven entirely new scenarios for Blood Red Skies and re-presents the five existing ones to bring them in line with the new rules and player feedback. You can even follow the Ready Room’s example and tweak or adapt these scenarios to fit certain historical actions or your own collections.

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