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Showcase: Winter Germans and Siberian Veterans

Modelling and Conversions by the Warlord Community

Showcase: Winter Germans and Siberian Veterans
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We’re always excited to show off the fantastic work produced by our community! This week, we’ve got Siberian Veterans and German grenadiers in winter gear!

These grenadiers built & painted by Janek Janowski have been kitbashed with the plastic Waffen-SS kit to add some variety to his army!

A weatherbeaten big cat accompanies these superbly-painted grenadiers by Craig Brown!

These fantastic grenadiers have been painted by Jael Edwards – his secret to great-looking camouflage is to apply two sets of highlights to the base colour before adding the splotches!

The starting point for these gorgeous paint jobs and fantastic conversions is our superb German Infantry (Winter) plastic kit. These dynamically-posed miniatures are all captured at the advance, laying down a hail of suppressing fire as they attack!

You get thirty miniatures and a wide range of weaponry – from the humble MP-40 sub-machine gun to the cutting-edge StG44 assault rifle. This gives you plenty of flexibility when assembling your grenadiers – do you want a rifle squad to provide suppressing fire, or battle-hardened assault troops to drive the enemy off of the objective.

You’ll also get plenty of panzerfausts to provide some punch against enemy armour.

You can also use this plastic kit to create snipers, forward observers, machine gun teams, and officers, allowing you to build an entire platoon from a single infantry box!

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This Wirbelwind has been expertly painted by Fraser Gillespie – the snow effect makes it particularly striking!

Painted by the talented Alistair Unicomb, these fantastic grenadiers are accompanied by some metal officers from the Winter German support group!

Graeme Baldwin has accessorized his Siberian Veterans with bits and pieces from some a Konflikt ’47 Siberian Terror Squad.

The Siberian Veterans kit is a fantastic way of adding some variety to your Soviet army, jam-packed with characterful miniatures to personalise your force.

You’ll get 34 plastic and metal miniatures, including things like a bellowing commissar, a medium machine gun team charging forward to deploy and a lieutenant ordering his men into battle. These extra miniatures make the kit much more versatile, and allow you to get a small army out of a single kit!

The kit also gives you the opportunity to outfit your veterans with captured weapons like German MP-40s and improvised weapons like Molotov Cocktails, giving you some limited capability against enemy armoured vehicles.

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We’d like to thank everyone that sent us pictures for this showcase! If you would like to feature your own army on the Warlord community, send us a few photos and a short write-up to

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