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New: Plastic Late French Line Infantry and Casualties

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Available from today are the core of Bonaparte’s all-conquering French army – in plastic!

These excellent Napoleonic Late French Line Infantry are joined by a set of those giving their life for their country and their Emperor…


En avant! The cry went up in hundreds of French throats as the blue columns marched forward on battlefields across Europe. The all-conquering French line infantry, ‘Les Bleus’, used a combination of massed columns, fast manoeuvre, and firepower to shatter the armies of Prussia, Austria, Spain and Russia, culminating in a death struggle against Wellington and Blücher’s alliance at Waterloo in 1815.

Well led and confident of victory, the average French soldier swept almost all foes before them, living off the land as they marched. Beyond the glory of victory over their foes, there was the chance of medals, promotion to the Guard, or even acknowledgement from the Emperor himself!

These models are dressed in the greatcoats worn so often on the field of battle to save the smart uniform for the inevitable victory parades…


The boxed set contains 36 French soldiers including 6 metal command figures. Also included is a background leaflet containing 12 full colour flags, allowing you to make a different regiment with every box you pick up! This set is ideal for battles from 1812 onwards.


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The Late French Infantry Casualties are fantastic to add character to a regiment coming under fire as they march bravely towards the enemy guns. Use them as casualty markers in your games of Black Powder or mix them into your regiments for more character…


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If you need more reinforcements to take on Wellington’s boys, check out these special deals – the Late War Le French Regiment deal contains 3 boxes of French Infantry and the Late War Le French Brigade deal contains 6 boxes – both offer great savings on the total price.


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And don’t forget our French Waterloo Starter Army, which contains 144 infantry models, a French officer atop his trusty steed and a 6-pounder cannon with 4 crew.


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