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Record-breaking Battle of Waterloo

Next year Warlord Games are participating in a record-breaking event to play the Worlds largest wargame – the Battle of Waterloo! http://www.waterlooreplayed.com/ The game will take place on the 15th and 16th June 2019 at University of Glasgow, Kelvin Gallery, using the award-winning Black ‘Powder rules. The Great Game is running in support of the…

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Focus: Waterloo Terrain from Sarissa Precision

From the team that created our La Haye Sainte and Pegasus Bridge terrain pieces, Sarissa Precision have a whole range of incredible laser-cut wooden sets. These kits represent the iconic buildings that formed pivotal strongpoints at the Battle of Waterloo – the chateau of Hougomont, Papelotte farm, La Belle Alliance inn and Plancenoit church as…

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History: The Battle of Waterloo – part 3

Cavalry Charge and Counter-Charge Lord Uxbridge, sensing the danger, unleashed the Household and Union heavy cavalry brigades commanded by Major General Edward Somerset and Major General William Ponsonby. The finest mounted cavalry in Europe pounced on the unsuspecting formations of the French. The Household Brigade led by Lord Uxbridge negotiated the sunken lane and moved…