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Next year Warlord Games are participating in a record-breaking event to play the Worlds largest wargame – the Battle of Waterloo!

The game will take place on the 15th and 16th June 2019 at University of Glasgow, Kelvin Gallery, using the award-winning Black ‘Powder rules. The Great Game is running in support of the Waterloo Uncovered charity that Warlord Games has been pleased to help since the Waterloo bicentenary.

The Great Game – Waterloo Replayed

This is a one-off event in June 2019 in support of the charity – Waterloo Uncovered – which will set
a world record for the largest ever historical wargame in 28mm.
An application has been made to Guinness World Records to make this official.

The Great Game – reported in The Times newspaper Monday, July 15th 2018

Warlord Games will be fielding two units in the battle, the 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 95th rifles. We will be starting a project to paint these units in our HO store over the next few weeks, feel free to pop in and give us a hand painting up these battalions ready for battle!


In addition to The Great Game, Warlord Games will be helping to put on demonstration and participation games of battles in the British Isles, from the Roman Invasion of Britain, through to the Battle of Britain.

The team at The Great Game are keen to get volunteers and gamers involved in their record-breaking attempt. Please contact The Great Game directly if you would like to get involved or offer your support –

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Hougoumont at Hougoumont News

Last weekend, Guy Bowers helped organise and run (with help from the SESWG club and a group of Dutch wargamers) the Hougoumont scenario from Albion Triumphant 2 as part of the Waterloo Uncovered weekend at Hougoumont. Well received by the general public and VIPs who attended, there will be an article on Hougoumont at Hougoumont written by Guy in a forthcoming Wargames Illustrated.

Join the British Line at the Battle of Waterloo!


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