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New: Stone Walls plastic boxed set

Available from today are these detailed plastic Stone Walls with wooden gates, great for virtually any wargaming period.


A staple component of most gaming tables is the hard cover provided by stone walls, be they on battlefields of the Renaissance, the multitudinous conflicts of the Horse & Musket period or more modern conflicts such as the apocalyptic World Wars.


As you can see from the above picture of a column of Napoleonic British being led by their Colonel and Adjutant to the front, the walls make a great-looking addition to your terrain collection for many periods. As the walls are modular you can choose to build them in new ways for each game, or glue them together for a more permanent set up.



In the preceding photo you can see the British Expeditionary Force making good use of the hard cover the walls provide – the infantryman’s friend!

Containing 54 inches of plastic modular stone-effect walls this set is made available as part of our partnership with Italeri. Each set gives you plenty of options, including as they do corners, end sections and gates.


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