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Yes, it’s nearly here! The first full-plastic large model for Beyond the Gates of Antares. And a lucky few who made it to Salute2016 last weekend have all ready been blazing away with their paint brushes to lead the way:

Will Grealy C3M4 Fixed4

One of the first lovely works in progress to be seen is by Will Grealy, A great take on a deep metalic effect topped off with a rather nice effect on the under side:Will Grealy C3M4 fixed3

Warlords own tank master, Darek Wyrozebski, trialed a new scheme:

Darek C3M4

C3M4 Letterbox

So why do you need a C3M4 Combat Drone? And what on Xilos is a MOD 2…?

MOD2 – What does it mean?

It’s all about orders; this mean piece of kit has not 1, but 2 order dice to work with. This opens up a raft of new possibilities when it comes to how you tactically employ this drone in battle.

The Beyond the Gates Of Antares rule book states (page 136):

Multiple Order Dice (MOD)

Units that have more than one order dice are referred to as multiple order dice or MOD units. They have the MOD 2 or MOD 3 special rule to show how many order dice they have at the start of the game. See page 17 for further explanation of how orders are given to MOD units.

The following is a summary of the key points.

A MOD unit contributes its MOD number of order dice to the dice bag. When a dice is drawn from the dice bag the player can use it to activate any MOD unit that has not yet reached its order dice limit.

A MOD unit is always treated as making the action corresponding to the most recently placed order dice.

So for this drone you’ll get 2 dice in the bag (improving your chances of your dice being first to be pulled out) and 2 actions to use as required through your turn. Think of combinations such as moving up on an Advance order, laying down a barrage of fire, then setting an Ambush order to deny the enemy an easy avenue of advance, opening fire with all weapons as they move into view!


And just look at all the options on this fantastic kit, including all the weapons (each easily pops in & out of the turret so you can change before each game):

In Antares

The M4 series Combat Drone is the standard template designed fighting drone in the Concord Combined Command. It has neither crew nor any capacity to carry them, forming a distinct machine shard together with its buddy drones. 2 of these come with the plastic box set and can make up the various options such as Spotter (10 points), Batter (20 points), or Shield (10 points) – and there is scope to take more Buddy Drones – all of which can be found in our recently released Drone Packs – found here and here. 


A very adaptable drone, the C3M4 carries 2 weapons from a nice variety of available options, and being classed as ‘Large’ in the game allows it to draw Line Of Sight (LOS) over the top of friendly units and as such can engage the enemy from behind an infantry screen. Have a look at the previous article for more about its weapons:

View C3M4 Article

C3M4 Combat Drone
Vehicle Unit
Points Value: 249

Unit: Combat Drone Ag Acc Str Res Init Co
1x Combat Drone with Plasma Light Support and Plasma Cannon 5 6 1 13 8 8
1x Spotter Drone
Special: MOD2, Large

Plus, with weapon options such as the Fractal Cannon and Compression cannon at just 5 points a piece to upgrade (both are included as options in the plastic kit), you’ve everything at your disposal to make your opponents run for cover!

Pre-order for your Concord or Freeborn forces

WGA-CON-07 C3M4 combat drone

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