Beyond the Gates of Antares, Ghar

Showcase: Hel’s Ghar (now with Command Crawler)

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Checking out the community we come across some amazing pieces which impress, inspire, and motivate us all to do more. To see what we mean just take a look at Hel’s Ghar:

Hel: I just finished the first 1,000 points Ghar Combat Force and would like to share the results.

Starting with the Ghar Assault Squad Suits, I tried a few variations on the first model before deciding for a red theme which I applied to all of them.

Hels Ghar 1

To easily distinguish them on the battlefield and above all to get some distraction while painting, I chose a slightly different pattern adding some olive on the Battle Squad Suits.

Hels Ghar 2

Hels Ghar 4

Hel Ghar (1)

Hel Ghar (3)

Hel Ghar (4)

Hel Ghar (2)

Hel Ghar (5)


Do you have an article within you? Are you itching to show your collection to the world of Antares? Then drop us a line with a couple of pictures to or share with all over at the Warlord Forum