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Beyond the Gates of Antares, Latest Products, Virai

Pre-order: The Dronescourge Virai Army Starter Swarm

As the first reports arrive it’s realised that the ancient Dronescourge threat, the Virai, has returned! Build your First Strike Swarm and prepare for expansion! View in Store Contains: 1x Virai Dronescourge – First Instance 2x Virai Dronescourge – Defender Squads 1x Virai Dronescourge – Weapon drone with flamer array 1x Virai Dronescourge – Secondary Instance…

Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares

New: Antares Drones

Arguably one of the most useful assets within the Antarean universe, you can now expand your automated force even further with these specialist drones! Synchroniser Drone shard View in Store The synchroniser drone is a buddy drone that enables the combat shard of one unit to synchronise its actions with another unit within the same…

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Concord, Latest Products

New: Concord C3D2 medium support drone with plasma light support

The Concord have deployed the new C3D2 medium support drone with plasma light support onto the battlefield! View in Store The D2 medium support drone is a more heavily built vehicle than the D1 and eminently suitable as a weapons carrier. Its composite shell provides excellent all-round protection and carries a highly effective kinetic shield….

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