• <p dir=”ltr”>I recently played against a very experienced player and he eliminated my mortar team with one shot with a sniper.  Now it’s clear to me that nobody plays heavy mg, which I find completely unrealistic because when the shooter has been eliminated, the man next to him has taken over the task.  The set of rules is, in my opinion, still t…[Read more]

  • When flamethrowers fire and there is an enemy unit between the shooter and the target, is it also hit or do you assume that the unit jumps to the side and is not hit? The rules only say what happens to the target unit.

  • I have a question about dense terrain. Forests are dense terrain, meaning you can see in but not through. What about corn fields? Do you have to declare beforehand how high the grain is?

  • <p dir=”ltr”>A question about the light mortars such as e.g.  In the Japanese grenadier platoon.</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>- The light mortars aren’t fixed, does that mean they’re allowed to move and fire?</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>- And since they fire indirectly they ranged in with 6?</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>- What if the platoon moves can the mortars stop and continue…[Read more]

  • There is a game sheet that you can download from the Warlord Games homepage. But it is not identical to the rules in the rule book.

    – If a tank is damaged after being hit and rolls a 1-3 on the table, does it have to roll for the turret too or not?

    – The barrage chart states that if a 1 is rolled, the projectile is moved in any direction, and…[Read more]

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    When deploying spotters and recce units, do recce vehicles like the M18 Hellcat also count for the special deployment?

  • The “Rangers lead the way” rule states that after deployment is complete, the Ranger Platoon may make an extra move. How about Mission 3 where the units are moved onto the field in waves. Can the Ranger Platoon move beforehand because there is no setup?

  • <p dir=”ltr”>If one side wins melee but loses over 50% unit, does he still have to test to see if the squad is destroyed?</p>
    <p dir=”ltr”>And if a building is attacked, how many people are allowed to join the fight?  Since actually only 2 soldiers are allowed to shoot out of each window!</p>

  • <p dir=”ltr”>When the tank rotates its turret and is fired at, is the tank hull always targeted?  Since the turret may then show its side armor.</p>

  • Hello everyone, the Americans have the special rule of air superiority. i.e. he can perform two air attacks instead of one. Can he request them at the same time or does one have to be done first and then the second.

    It would just be stupid if the first one didn’t come until the 5th round, then you wouldn’t have time to call the second one. :-))

  • So I think the rules are great the way they are! I played Flames of War for 10 years and was captain of the Greek national team, then was a player in the German national team until Battlefront released V4. Now no one plays it and we’ve all switched to Bolt Action. So a bit of advice: The game really makes sense (there is no: why are they doing…[Read more]

  • Sgt.saunders started the topic Buildings vs Ruins in the forum Bolt Action 4 months ago

    Is it true that you have more protection against direct HE projectiles in a ruin than in an intact building?

    In the building you get +2 on the hit roll for the down order.

    In a ruin you get +2 for the Down Order and +2 for Hard Cover. In addition, in the case of a ruin, you place the template on the unit and determine the hits, while in the…[Read more]

  • Thank you that was very helpful!

  • <p dir=”ltr”>OK but on a building I move the unit to an opening and then I can deploy the whole unit downstairs.  In a ruin I move the unit with an advanced move as far as the unit can go.  It can happen that part of the unit is still outside the ruins.  I can’t just go up one floor next turn!  Or am I seeing this too complicated?</p>

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  • Hello everyone, I have a question about moving in ruins and deploying units in buildings.

    1.) How do I move units in ruins with one or two floors? Are these the same rules as for buildings? Or is it dealt with more simply?

    2.) Does the whole unit have to be placed on one floor or can I split the unit over two or three floors? (since they are…[Read more]

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