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    Hello everyone, I have a question about moving in ruins and deploying units in buildings.

    1.) How do I move units in ruins with one or two floors? Are these the same rules as for buildings? Or is it dealt with more simply?

    2.) Does the whole unit have to be placed on one floor or can I split the unit over two or three floors? (since they are not allowed to stand further than 1″ from model to model)


    Treat as a building with two floors.

    No. Must be on the same floor


    OK but on a building I move the unit to an opening and then I can deploy the whole unit downstairs.  In a ruin I move the unit with an advanced move as far as the unit can go.  It can happen that part of the unit is still outside the ruins.  I can’t just go up one floor next turn!  Or am I seeing this too complicated?

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    Stuart Harrison

    This is where you have to discuss your terrain with your opponent before the game and define that ‘ruin’.  The rules are never going to cover every possible structure.

    Examples for the same possible two story ‘ruin’:

    Ground floor counts as a building, top floor counts as an open roof with hard cover from the front and left sides.

    Counts as a two story building with the rear and right sides each counting as a single large opening (any number of models can shoot)

    Counts as rough ground with hard cover, only access to top floor is via the stairs (since you can’t balance models on the stairs, if you’ve got your squad part way up you need a model at the top and one at the bottom to count as in coherence)

    Ground floor counts as rough ground and hard cover, second floor is impassable terrain.


    Thank you that was very helpful!

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