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    There is a game sheet that you can download from the Warlord Games homepage. But it is not identical to the rules in the rule book.

    – If a tank is damaged after being hit and rolls a 1-3 on the table, does it have to roll for the turret too or not?

    – The barrage chart states that if a 1 is rolled, the projectile is moved in any direction, and in the rule book it is in a random direction.

    these are just two examples. I’m assuming the playsheet is out of date and Warlord games hasn’t updated it. Is that right?

    Stuart Harrison

    1. Yes, you have to roll for Turret Jam unless you’ve house-ruled to ignore that rule.  If the problem is that it’s missing, that’s probably a first edition sheet.

    2. Sounds like a first edition to second edition difference – check the date on the page, I’m guessing the player’s aid you’re using is prior to Nov 2016 and meant for first edition.


    One issue with the turret jam rule is having the gun jammed in the direction the shot came from.  It makes more sense to have it jammed in the direction it was facing when the vehicle was hit (assuming your models have turrets that rotate). Good local rule to consider.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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