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Latest Products, Project Z

New: Biker Gang – Project Z Expansion

Biker Gang Expansion Set Roar into action and grab the stash before the other gangs know you’ve been there! Packing enough firepower to deal with the largest of Zombie hordes the Biker Gang are the coolest survivors! View in Store Contains enough plastic parts to make 6 gangers including 2 bikes plus this stunning Gang Leader model…

Bronze Age, Hail Caesar

Introduction: Middle Elamite

This range covers Elamite armies of the Late Bronze Age, known as the Middle Elamite Period, (c.1500 – c.1000 BCE). The Elamites fought wars with the Kassite Babylonians in this period and in c.1320 they temporarily occupied Elam. In the 13th and 12th centuries BCE a number of wars with Kassite Babylonia left Elam victorious…