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New: Boromite Hatchling Swarms and 500point Scout Force!

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The Boromites Lavan hatchlings make their first appearance and are available today!


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Lavan species abound within Boromite enclaves, kept, bred, and made use of as part of mining operations and to some extent simply as pets. Lavan creatures are fitted with technological implants that allow the Boromites to monitor them and control them to a degree…

Lavan hatchlings are the first hatch stage of the Lavan creature. As the hatchling grows it moults its stony exterior shell and from it emerges a new, larger and sometimes quite different secondary stage juvenile. Most hatchlings mature into lavamites, moulting and shedding their outer shell several times during the process. Some just keep growing and gradually become creatures of vast size and awesome appearance. Hatchlings are tiny when they first emerge but quickly expand until they are ready for their first moult. This means hatchlings can be various sizes all mixed up together.

Quite how many make a swarm is anyone’s guess and depends upon the size and maturity of the hatchlings as much as anything. As mere babies hatchlings have a lower resist (Res) than adult lavamites, but what they otherwise lack as individuals they make up for in terms of sheer mass.


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Boromite 500 point Scout Force

With the new hatchlings now available we couldn’t resist playing with the army list to bring you an extremely striking and flavorsome force to scare your opponents into submission!

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The Boromite 500 point Scout Force list

Boromite Work Gang 115 points
Leader: Mag Pistol, Mass Compactor, 5x Gangers with Mass Compactors
Boromite Lavamites squad 1 99 points
Handler: Lectro Lash, Plasma Pistol, x4 Lavamites
Boromite Lavamites squad 2 130 points
Handler: Lectro Lash, Plasma Pistol, x3 Lavamites, x3 Hatchling Swarms
Boromite Rock Rider Squad 109 points
Leader: Plasma Carbine, Lectro Lance, x2 Rock Riders, Lectro Lances
Boromite Support Team with Mag Light Support 46 points
x2 crew with Mag Pistols, Spotter Drone

For full stats see page 184/189 Beyond the Gates of Antares rule book or pages 96/100 of the Battle for Xilos supplement.


  • 1 x Boromite Work Gang
  • 2 x Boromite Lavamites packs
  • 1 x Random Boromite Lavamite single
  • 1 x Hatchling Swarm (3)
  • 1 x Boromite Rock Rider Squad
  • 1 x Support Team with Mag LS


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