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New: Algoryn Mag Mortar and 500 point Scout Force!

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The Algoryn Mag Mortar makes it’s heavy presence felt as the Battle For Xilos rages!


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Mag mortars very large calibre magnetic launchers designed to lob a very heavy shell at low velocity over relatively short ranges. This means they can be more compact than X­howitzers although they sacrifice range.

Mag mortars make excellent close support artillery but can be vulnerable to enemy action, so protect them well! They are especially useful against massed targets because of their double template blast area. With D10 hits they can smash even the most substantial units.


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Start your Algoryn Army

Too help you choose where to start with your Algoryn we’ve put together this tidy army to form the core for your future expansion:

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The Algoryn 500 point Scout Force list

Algoryn AI Command Team 120 points
Commander: Plasma Carbine, X-sling, Plasma Grenade, x2 AI troopers, Plasma Carbines, plasma Greandes, Spotter Drone
Algoryn AI Squad 1 138 points
Leader: Mag Pistol, X-sling, x6 AI Troopers (x4 Mag Guns, x2 Micro X-launchers), Spotter Drone
Algoryn AI Squad 2 155 points
As per Squad 1 plus x1 additional AI Trooper, Mag Gun
Algoryn AI Support Team with X-Launcher 67 points
x3 crew with Mag Pistols, Spotter Drone, Ammo (x1 5pt type)
Algoryn Targeter Probe Shard 20 points
x4 Targeter Probes

For full stats see page 172/178 Beyond the Gates of Antares rule book.


  • 1 x Algoryn AI Command Team
  • 2 x Algoryn AI Squad
  • 2 x Algoryn AI Squad Micro X-launcher
  • 1 x Algoryn Targeter Probe Shard
  • 1 x Algoryn AI Team with X-Launcher


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