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New: Freeborn Striker Attack Skimmer

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The Freeborn shard accept the latest equipment and the skies of Xilos hear the scream of the Striker!

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The Striker Attack Skimmer is a templated two man transporter that emulates aspects of Concord drone design. It is similar in concept and appearance to many civilian skimmers found throughout Antarean space. Concord military regard such machines as too vulnerable and therefore too great a risk for their crew and therefor have traded this technology with the more flamboyant Freeborn.


The Striker is a general type of vehicle the appearance of which can vary to some extent. Its outer panels serve as fixed points for the vehicle’s hyperlight armour carrier nodes but are otherwise cosmetic. The machine is buoyed upon powerful suspensors providing the Striker with a high degree of manoeuvrability as well as an effective means of low speed propulsion. Reaction thrusters augmented by suspensors are used to attain higher speeds.


Rules for the Striker Attack Skimmer can be found on page 109 and points page 193 or the Beyond the Gates of Antares main Rule book.

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Expand your Freeborn today and Battle For Xilos!

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