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Webstore: SS-Ki engineering vehicle

Soko Sagyo Ki also known as the SS-Ki, a fully tracked engineering vehicle, designed and brought into use in the 1930s in preparation for war against the Soviet Union. The Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) considered it to be one of its most versatile multi-function support vehicles, with 6 variants able to complete rolls from obstacle…


Webstore: Japanese Type 91 105mm Howitzer

The Japanese fielded several types of medium weight artillery of 105mm calibre, of which the Type 91 was typically assigned to field artillery regiments. It was a capable, modern and effective weapon of which many more than a thousand were produced. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


Webstore: USMC 75mm pack howitzer light artillery

Providing long range fire support for US commanders, the 75mm pack howitzer makes it’s way into battle hardened hand of the USMC – raining shells from above onto the enemies of Uncle Sam! The 75mm howitzer saw combat during the Second World War with the US Marine Corps. Being designed in such a way that…