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New: Guy Ant Truck

Something a little diferent for you this week as we release our british Guy Ant 15cwt truck. THis relatively unknown and overlooked truck was built in considerable numbers with over 8,000 being produced. View in Store Founded in 1914 building civilian trucks, by 1915 Guy found itself taken over by the Ministry of Munitions and…

Latest Products, Soda Pop

New: Super Dungeon Explore Expansions!

This week we have more reinforcements from Soda Pop Miniatures for Super Dungeon Explore! Super Dungeon Explore brings classic video game style hack and slash adventures to your tabletop. Heroes are pitted against the evil Dark Consul in a fast-paced dungeon battle game. Gather powerful loot, customis e your Heroes, and defeat the dungeon’s boss in…

Bolt Action, Bolt Action - British, Gaming & Collecting, Scenarios & Additional Rules

Wargaming Market Garden and the Battle for Arnhem Pt.3

Published historical author, Chris Brown continues his series of articles to cover both the history of Operation Market Garden, this time looking at how he creates a particular unit – the Air-landing platoon, represented in Bolt Action with the glider landing platoon optional rules! A British Airborne collection is, obviously, fine for Arnhem, but it’s perfectly viable for a…