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Something a little diferent for you this week as we release our british Guy Ant 15cwt truck. THis relatively unknown and overlooked truck was built in considerable numbers with over 8,000 being produced.


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Founded in 1914 building civilian trucks, by 1915 Guy found itself taken over by the Ministry of Munitions and production was focused on the war effort. The factory then continued to produce 30cwt lorries which were supplied to Britain’s allies in the First World War, along with many other types of equipment they were also Britain’s largest maker of depth charge fuses.


Guy was able to endure the depression due to orders from the war office and by taking advantage of the 1930 Road Traffic Act which encouraged the development of lighter vehicles such as Guy’s Arab bus chassis (the famous red Double Decker) which would prove a mainstay of Guy’s success for the next twenty years.


In the mid 30s Guy successfully submitted and trialed their new four wheel Ant armoured car, 150 were ordered and Guy began to concentrate solely on the production of military vehicles.


The Ant was produced until March 1942 with the majority being used as general service trucks. The Ant would also be repurposed with cable laying equipment, wireless radio, light warning equipment, light machinery, recorder or equipped as compressor trucks. Water tanker and fire truck variants were produced for domestic Government use.


Ideal to transport the newly released 18/25pdr, the Ant was saw plenty of service with the BEF in France and during the campaigns in the Western Desert with Commonwealth forces.

In Bolt Action:


These smaller trucks are the equivalent size to a US ¾-ton vehicle and they perform the same kind of roles as weapons carriers and general-purpose utility vehicles. The Guy Ant, Morris CS8 and its replacement the C4 are typical of the kind. As the war progressed their role was taken by larger trucks, but there was always a need for small trucks as radio vehicles, bowsers, petrol tankers, engineering vehicles and so forth. Plenty if ideas for converting yours.

Cost: 25pts (Inexperienced), 31pts (Regular), 37pts (Veteran)
Weapons: none
Damage Value: 6+ (Soft-skin)
Transport: 8 men
Tow: Light howitzer, light or medium anti-tank gun, light or heavy anti-aircraft gun


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The Guy Ant truck can tow quite a few of our weapons:

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