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Bolt Action, Bolt Action - German, Latest Products

New: Opel Maultier

The Opel Maultier half-tracked truck is the perfect solution to the Russian Rasputitsa – the terrible winter conditions on the Eastern front! View in Store Late in 1941 German troops fighting on the eastern front experienced some of the worst conditions that could ever be faced, as the Russian Rasputitsa, signalling the beginning of winter and seen…

Bolt Action, Bolt Action - British, Latest Products

New: Guy Ant Truck

Something a little diferent for you this week as we release our british Guy Ant 15cwt truck. THis relatively unknown and overlooked truck was built in considerable numbers with over 8,000 being produced. View in Store Founded in 1914 building civilian trucks, by 1915 Guy found itself taken over by the Ministry of Munitions and…