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New: 18/25pdr Gun and Limber BEF


Released today is our new 18/25 pdr field artillery – just the job for British commanders taking part in our Summer Offensive campaign!

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The forerunner of the famous 25pdr field gun, the 18/25 pdr married an 18 pdr carriage with a 25 pdr barrel and breech, modified with an 18 pdr gun jacket.

Although primarily used by the BEF in France, the 18/25 pdr also served with units in Norway, India, the Middle East and in North Africa.

1825 pdr deployed

WGB-BI-60-BEF-18-25pdr-and-limber-e The 18/25pdr, as with all British guns of the period, had Probert pattern ‘calibrating’ indirect fire sights. This meant the range, not elevation angle, was set on the sight. The sight then compensated for the difference in the gun’s muzzle velocities. The gun was also fitted with a direct-fire telescope for use with armour-piercing shot.


In Bolt Action:


We categorise the 18/25-pdr as a light field gun for our purposes – although it was really an intermediate type capable of providing close range support and longer-range indirect fire. It was also pressed into service in an anti-tank role, and we’ve allowed for this by giving it a separate anti-tank shell.

Cost: 55pts (Regular), 66 (Veteran)
Team: 3
Weapons: 1 light howitzer
Options: May add Spotter for +10 points
Special Rules:
Gun Shield
Team Weapon
HE (D6)
25-pdr AT shell: In the Western Desert the 25-pdr often found itself pitched against enemy tanks. It was provided with an AT shell which was fired with the maximum charge over a flat trajectory to achieve the highest velocity. We give this a Pen value of +4 – the same as a light anti-tank gun. The 25-pdr can shoot either HE or AT – if put into ambush the player must specify which kind of shell is loaded


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