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After a brief period undergoing vital repairs, the fearsome King Tiger is now available for action at the frontline once again. We have two versions available currently – either coated with zimmerit anti-magnetic mine paste or plain steel armour. Not good news if you are an Allied tank commander!

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The Königstiger  (officially named the Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B), known as the ‘King Tiger’ or ‘Royal Tiger’ by the Allies, was a development of the famous Tiger I tank. It’s introduction to hostilities in 1944 caused significant problems for the Allies in countering this potent threat but ultimately it saw action too late to have a game-changing impact on the war. However, it was feared and respected by the Allies whose tanks could be easily destroyed by the high velocity 88mm gun mounted on its turret.

This version II of the Tiger’s armour was still very thick but was also more sloped, a design feature borrowed from the design of the Panther medium tank (who in turn had learnt from the Soviet T-34s sloped armour).
WGB-WM-164-King-Tiger-Zimmerit-bThe King Tiger was deployed on both the Western and Eastern fronts and had enormous operational accuracy with the ability to knock out any Allied tank frontally at ranges exceeding 2.5 kilometres (1.6 miles), way beyond the effective range of any Allied tank gun.Zimmerit-King-Tiger

The first combat use of the King Tiger was by the 1st Company of the 503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion (s.H.Pz.Abt.503) during the Battle of Normandy, opposing Operation Atlantic between Troarn and Demouville on 18 July 1944. On the Eastern front its first action came on the 12th August 1944 by the 501st Heavy Panzer Battalion (s.H.Pz.Abt.501) resisting the Lvov–Sandomierz Offensive, where it attacked the Soviet bridgehead over the Vistula River near Baranów Sandomierski.

One of the defining features of mid/late war German armour is the use of zimmerit anti-magnetic mine paste. It’s rough texture, which comes in a variety of patterns often being applied in the field by the crews, makes painting panzers much easier as you can apply your usual techniques of drybrushing, blending or washes.


Both of our King Tigers are resin and metal beasts with the Henschel production turret

In Bolt Action

Cost: 555pts (regular), 666pts (Veteran)

Weapons: One turret-mounted super-heavy anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and forward facing hull-mounted MMG

Damage Value: 11+ (super-heavy tank)

Now this one is captured but hey – what if?

Conversion opportunities with damage added to side skirts.

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View in Store

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