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Start your Sizzling Summer with a System Starter!

It’s your last chance to snaffle our excellent Sizzling Summer System Starter Deals – throughout July, we’ve offered a chance to grab a rule book from any Warlord game system and get a single free, yes FREE, plastic box set of your own choice from that system.

But alas – today is the last day of July – so make sure that you get your orders in TODAY to grab your FREE Box Set!


For example, if you’ve been kind of thinking about starting that Imperial Roman legion there’s no more excuse! Get Hail Caesar and perhaps a box of Praetorian Guard for FREE!

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Or this could be the opportunity you’re looking for to delve into the English Civil War with Pike & Shotte.

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Maybe it’s Napoleonics you’re after or possibly the Anglo-Zulu War? Whatever your fancy this will give you the first regiment in your new army absolutely FREE!

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How does getting into World War II gaming in 28mm and getting your first plastic vehicle for free sound? Of course, we have stacks of plastic infantry available in this offer so however you want to build your army we have the foundations for you!

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No more excuses – time to treat yourself to a new game system TODAY!

**Please note as this is such a great discount no other discounts will be honoured against this deal**


Free Downed RAF Pilot

As if that weren’t enough -we’re also giving a free Downed RAF Pilot model FREE with every order over £50 – but remember, this offer expires TODAY!

We also published a FREE Bolt Action Scenario to make use of the Pilot miniature!

Can you aid in his rescue before the vital information he has falls into enemy hands? Perfect for adding that extra layer of story detail to your battles in Bolt Action!

Free Downed RAF Pilot During July 2015 in orders over £50/$80

The Squadron Leader is free in all orders over £50/$80 during the month of July 2015, you can just picture him having just bailed out of his crate after taking a hit. You have to agree – he is a spiffing sculpt!