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Event: Historicon 2015

Howdy one and all! We are just one week out from the 2015 Historicon and preparations are going fantastically! We’ve sent over many boxes of new stock to our show representatives at Footsore Miniatures last week so there are plenty of things to get your eager hands on. And as always, if there is ANYTHING…

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FREE! Downed RAF Pilot Battlefield Objective

Our Downed RAF Pilot, Squadron Leader ‘Topper’ Redfern has crashed with important information on the enemy positions! Get him FREE with every order over £50 during this glorious month of July Watch this space  – we’ll have a free PDF scenario including the Squadron Leader. Topper will be extricating himself from his parachute before heading for the nearest hamlet…

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Wargaming Market Garden and the Battle for Arnhem Pt.2

Published historical author, Chris Brown continues his series of articles to cover both the history of Operation Market Garden, and offer some tips on how to bring the action to life upon the tabletop battlefield! WHY ARNHEM? For me, it’s a life-long interest which stems from a family connection. My father was a parachute regiment…