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Event: Historicon 2015

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Howdy one and all!

We are just one week out from the 2015 Historicon and preparations are going fantastically!

We’ve sent over many boxes of new stock to our show representatives at Footsore Miniatures last week so there are plenty of things to get your eager hands on. And as always, if there is ANYTHING at all that we don’t have on the day we will be happy to send it out FREEPOST when we get back to the office.


Bill Rutherford, the gaming hall organizer has given us an updated list of all the Warlord Games tables at the event so you guys can make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. Last year they all sold out!



  • First up we have the Bolt Action tournament run by Mike Proctor. He always runs an amazing event. His email address is
  • There are four Black Powder games, one Hail Caesar game (F-343) and six Bolt Action games (S-393, T-418, T-419, S-433, F-503 and S-543) being run during the course of the convention!
  • F-335 Counter attack on the Great Redoubt  – Napoleonic 54mm,  Friday 6pm.  GM Jeff Russ.
  • F-342 The Battle Germantown, PA–1777  – AWI 28mm.  Friday 1pm.  GM Ed Bardill Dixie
  • F-346 The Battle of Germantown, PA, 4 October 1777 – AWI 28mm.  Friday 7pm.  GM Jim Rich
  • S-449 Sickles Salient, Gettysburg, 2 July 1863  – ACW 15mm.  Saturday 10am.  GM Ron Bingham
    F-343 Battle of Papo 112BC – Ancients 90mm.  Friday noon.  GM Jeff Russ
  • S-393 Caravan of the Dead – Inter-War 28mm.  Saturday 10am.  GM Don Manser
  • T-418 Bolt Action Z! – WW2 w/zombies 25mm.  Thursday 10am.  GM Matt Fridirici
  • T-419 Bolt Action Z! – WW2 w/zombies 25mm.  Thursday 3pm.  GM Matt Fridirici
  • S-433 RAID! – L Detachment at Fuka – July 1942 – WW2 28mm.  Saturday 7pm.  GM MIke Fijalka
  • F-503 White Beach One – Peleliu, 1944 – WW2 25mm.  Friday 6pm.  GM Tim Peaslee
  • S-543 Hell’s Highway – Operation Market Garden – September 1944 – WW2 25mm.  Saturday 3pm.  David Skibicki


Of course there will be plenty of room for pick-up games across the entire convention weekend, including a chance to get hold of the brand new Terminator Genisys.



Don’t forget to leave time to talk to John Stallard, the Warlord Games CEO who will be on hand from Friday. John has only just returned from holiday before jetting out the US – seems we might need to add the ‘shirkers’ rule to Warlord HQ units…

Also on hand will be Warlord sculptor Wojtek Flis. Wojtek (pronounced Voytek) attended the show last year and that went down so well with you we’re getting rid of him, er, sending him over to Historicon again!

See you all there!

Andrew Chesney


Don’t forget to pick-up the Historicon 2015 exclusive miniature shown below. Depicting a plucky Enniskillen private on the eve of Waterloo with porcine plunder. Don’t let Wellington see you, sir!

For those of you not fortunate enough to attend the event, he’ll also be on sale through the Warlord website over the Historicon weekend!