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Last month we put together a handy army building tool in the Warlord webstore, which not only gives you a simple method of putting together a bespoke army package via a series of drop-downs, but also offers a FREE TANK!

Due to popular demand we added Japan to the list and now with the release of ‘Germany Strikes‘ we can now bring you Italian and French armies too:

Army Builder Ad New

So – gather your troops, make space on your painting desk – and prepare for the Bolt Action Online Campaign which also launches today!

Simply run through the series of drop-downs to choose the components of your army – and we’ll have it picked, packed, and shipped out from our warehouse within just a few working days!

Army Builder French

The new Early War French Build an Army tool includes the core French Army Infantry Section and the Senegalese Tirailleurs Infantry section, plus a range of weapon teams and extensive list of vehicles, including the mighty (albeit awkward to command) Char B1 bis!

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Army Builder Italian

The Italian forces aren’t left out either with their Build and Army tool including all 4 of the infantry choices such as the Bersaglieri squad in sun hats plus: tankettes, armoured cars, light tanks, and assault guns.

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The German Build an Army is packed with options for the early period as well as other periods of action – whether you want to collect a Heer force, a Fallschirmjager-themed list, if you want to create an army based around our fantastic new plastic German Grenadiers, or want to take control of the elite fighting forces of the Waffen SS – there are all kinds of options available!

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Likewise, the British Build an Army contains British Army options, the B.E.F, Chindits, and Commandos!

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For the Soviet Build an Army, we couldn’t resist including our recently released Winter Soviets alongside our standard Soviet Infantry and the fantastic hybrid Plastic and Metal Siberian Veterans – spoiling you for choice!

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So – if you’ve been considering getting started playing any period of Bolt Action, or you’re a grizzled veteran looking to start a new army – there’s never been a better time to pick-up a new force – and get a FREE TANK along the way!