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Announcement: Bolt Action Online Campaign


Dust off your orders dice because this summer we are running a massive Bolt Action event – an online campaign where you can post the results of your tabletop battles and try to affect the overall course of the war.

Every Bolt Action player can join in – when the campaign starts you’ll sign up by registering your country of allegiance and coming up with a name for your force. After that you’ll just need to play loads of battles and report back!

To whet your appetite, here’s some of our design work for the campaign website:


We’ll bring you more details of exactly how it will work nearer the time – for the moment we wanted to let you know that the Summer Offensive is on its way, so you can recruit your armies and prepare for battle.

Remember we have a huge array of starter armies and deals to help you assemble a force, including the updated German D-Day Defenders deal and the Getting Started Bundle, which now includes the German Grenadiers.

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