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Bolt Action Summer Offensive: Registration is now live!

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Registration is now open for the Bolt Action Summer Offensive campaign! Head over to the site now to sign-up and look around.

The official start date is Monday but feel free to make a pre-emptive strike and play battles this weekend!


Visit the site

The site has been setup with the intention of running a fun 6-week narrative campaign – this is our first attempt at such a feat, so although we’ve thoroughly tested the system, there might be teething problems along the way. If such issues arise, don’t panic – we’ll fix bugs as quickly as is possible.

We ask that you play the campaign in the spirit which it was intended – for fun! – and if you have the time to post pictures and battle reports, please do! Who knows – your images and words may be featured in an up-coming Warlord Newsletter!

Good luck and give ’em hell!