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Shrapnel 2018 Tournament Event Write Up!

Warlorder KarlB writes up his experience at the recent Shrapnel event in Stevenage…     This year saw the second running of Shrapnel at Lost Ark Games in Stevenage. This is an annual event run by the store’s resident Bolt Action gaming group, The Landsers. As a measure of the game’s growing popularity, we more…

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Salute 2018 Round Up

Salute 2018 Round Up

Salute 2018 was a massive hit for us at Warlord again! We featured all of our games and so many of you came and visited us! People enjoyed the variety of games we had to offer, including our brand new Blood Red Skies. Here’s the quick rundown of what happened during the event! Blood Red…

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Antares Day 1st July 2017 featuring the Chryseis Shard!

At last we can announce the First Ever Day Of Games for Gates Of Antares! This day is going to be packed with activity to take you to the furthest reaches of Antarean space… We’ll be having everything we can lay our hands on for Antares from the Warlord Studio, including sculpters and painters to…

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Event: Adepticon!

Fifteen years ago the first AdeptiCon crashed onto the scene with the clear goal that it would be an event everyone would want to attend. AdeptiCon is a fantastic opportunity to play games you have been wanting to but “just can’t find the time” or have the miniatures to do it right. Over the years,…

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Event: Thank You From ROBIN

A huge THANK YOU from Donna and the crew!! Donna: Thank you to everyone that visited us at Red On Blue In Nottingham On Sunday! You’ve made our very first show a huge success! From the traders to the demo gamers, demo painters and sculptors, to John Stallard, Rick Priestley and Gav Thorpe for the…