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At last we can announce the First Ever Day Of Games for Gates Of Antares!

This day is going to be packed with activity to take you to the furthest reaches of Antarean space…

We’ll be having everything we can lay our hands on for Antares from the Warlord Studio, including sculpters and painters to delight you with wonders from across the sphere plus demonstrations of their mighty art!

There’s a full 20 player game event, you’ll have to hurry as we’re sure the spaces will be gone in a flash!
Details on entry forms, list sizes, dice limits, scenarios etc will be found in store under the ticket info here:

View Tournament details

Also Featuring:

Demonstration tables – Come and have a go FREE in our HQ store on the day or grab an entry ticket to the event hall to see the full array of seminars, displays and participation games with a £5 ‘Scout’ ticket – more details here:

View Scout ticket details

Fancy a bag full of goodies as well as entry to all the gaming madness? Then check out the Skirmish ticket level entry and explore the Antarean landscapes in the event hall here:

View Skirmish ticket details


    • New releases – including new Algoryn special units and the new Antares supplement: The Chryseis Shard! (coming soon for Pre-Order)
    • Author of Warhammer 40,000 and Beyond the Gates Of Antares: Rick Priestly is here to provide insights into Antares and book signings to boot!
    • Open Gaming tables – i.e. bring an army and challenge all comers!
    • Pre-order pick up at event – drop a line to customer service with any orders you place to be able to pick up at the event itself!

And There’ll be More!

We’re organizing some great displays along with our friends from Sarissa Precision, The studio team will be demonstration techniques from hands on sculpting to 3D insights plus painting demonstrations.
Rick Priestley, Tim Bancroft & Andy Hobday will be running Q&A seminars during the day, and apart from some very nice new shiny toys we’ll also have the New Beyond the Gates of Antares book: The Chryseis Shard, out in stores and here at the event for you to grab on the 1st of July!

Keep your eyes peeled on the weekly newsletter and our Antares Facebook pages for further details!

Get Your Tickets Today!

Antares Day Combat ticket 1 July 2017 £30

  • Entry to the 20 player inaugural game event.
  • Lunch on us.
  • Limited edition Black Polo shirt.
  • Chance to win £250 worth of products for first prize.
  • A bag full of goodies (as per the Skirmish level ticket).
  • Free figure – Togg the mercenary (He’s rock hard – and he’s not a Boromite!).
  • Limited print run of Togg rules – signed by Rick Priestley & Wojtek.
  • Entry to seminars.

View Combat ticket details

Antares Day Skirmish ticket 1 July 2017 £15

  • Free figure – Togg the mercenary.
  • Limited print run of Togg rules – signed by Rick Priestley & Wojtek.
  • Access to event hall
  • Entry to seminars.
  • Open Gaming tables.
  • Goody bag – including the fast action Antares Dice Game.

View Skirmish ticket details

Antares Day ‘Scout’ Ticket 1st July 2017 – £5

  • Access to event hall
  • Open Gaming tables
  • Entry to seminars

View Scout ticket details

Remember – you can come and have a demonstration for FREE any day in our HQ store – just pop on in & say we sent you!

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Lenton Business Centre
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There is plenty of parking right by the entrance, just head up the access ramp toward the Marcus Garvey Ball Room and turn left through the door to the store.


Just some of the stunning range for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Full Antares Range