Salute 2018 Round Up
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Salute 2018 was a massive hit for us at Warlord again! We featured all of our games and so many of you came and visited us! People enjoyed the variety of games we had to offer, including our brand new Blood Red Skies. Here’s the quick rundown of what happened during the event!

Blood Red Skies Takes off!

Our brand new game, Blood Red Skies, zoomed into Salute, bringing a new level of combat to the scene.

Andy Chambers, the writer of the game, was on hand with the Warlord team to demo the game to many aviation enthusiasts!

We also featured an 8×6 Ocean battlefield which hosted a 5ft 4″ battleship, CV-8 USS The Hornet! It was under attack by the Japanese, they released 18 zeros and 12 B5N-Kate to assault the Hornet! The Allies launched 12 F4F-4 Wildcats which was led by the Ace, Joe Foss!


CV-8 Hornet under constant attack from the Japanese (the Battle Of Santa Cruz) throughout the day, managed to survive only taking 2 Torpedo hits!

Virai First Contact!

After lurking in the shadows the Virai have finally revealed themselves!

The first contact pack isn’t sticking around for long so make sure you grab it whilst you can!

The Virai – First Contactact contains:

  • 1x Dronescourge Hive Defender (multi-part metal model)
  • 1x Dronescourge Crew Constructor (multi-part metal model)

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New Releases!

We also had all of Friday releases for people to grab! With the sculptors on hand to show how we design and produce these superb miniatures…

Here’s a quick gallery of Friday’s releases:


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We also teased a bunch of upcoming releases including:

Winter British & Winter US Airborne


The Dronescourge – Virai

Painting Competition!

We also spotted some Warlord figures in the Salute painting competition!

Don’t forget – you can always pick up your order from events! Please email us at with a list of the items, which event you would like to collect them at, and if you would prefer to pay now or at the event. We do however ask that you make sure your order is in by the weekend before the event in question. We may not be able to take orders placed after this time due to casting times for models.

See you next year!