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Antares Day 1st July 2017 featuring the Chryseis Shard!

At last we can announce the First Ever Day Of Games for Gates Of Antares! This day is going to be packed with activity to take you to the furthest reaches of Antarean space… We’ll be having everything we can lay our hands on for Antares from the Warlord Studio, including sculpters and painters to…

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Where To Start: Comparing The Xilos Horizon and Kar’A Nine

With the New Introductory set Stike On Kar’A Nine now available, the question arises… which set do I need to get? View in Store   Strike On Kar’A Nine introductory set – New for 2017! Strike on Kar’A Nine is the introductory set for Beyond the Gates of Antares for anyone who’s never played a wargame, or…