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Event: Thank You From ROBIN

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A huge THANK YOU from Donna and the crew!!


Donna: Thank you to everyone that visited us at Red On Blue In Nottingham On Sunday! You’ve made our very first show a huge success!

From the traders to the demo gamers, demo painters and sculptors, to John Stallard, Rick Priestley and Gav Thorpe for the seminars, plus Army Painter, Warlord Games and Wargames Illustrated for the support, and everyone that helped out; it wouldn’t have happened without all of you!!

So…. Shall we do it all again next year????

Hot of the press & just confirmed – pencil in the 11th February 2018 for the must attend event in the heart of Nottingham!

Scheldt game ROBIN 2016

Just one of the fantastic display games – Action on the Scheldt by the Barely Legal games club

Check out our latest news in the local paper! (Here’s me with the mighty Warlord himself; Jon Stallard)

ROBIN Nots Post

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See you next year, Donna

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