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Event: Adepticon!

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Fifteen years ago the first AdeptiCon crashed onto the scene with the clear goal that it would be an event everyone would want to attend. AdeptiCon is a fantastic opportunity to play games you have been wanting to but “just can’t find the time” or have the miniatures to do it right.


Over the years, AdeptiCon has undergone a tremendous evolution, from a humble beginning as a local event of less than one hundred gamers to today’s convention which draws over 3,000 attendees. During AdeptiCon’s fifteen-year life span, we’ve seen the hobby community’s rapid adoption of social media, rules systems go through dozens of editions, and the astounding impact of the crowdfunding phenomenon on the hobby. Today we live in a Golden Age of the miniatures gaming hobby, with more choices than ever before. AdeptiCon’s growth reflects this, growing from what was essentially a two-day show supporting a handful of events to a full four-day celebration with a schedule offering over 450 tournaments, gaming events, and hobby seminars and classes.

Check the address out here:
Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel
1551 N. Thoreau DR.
Schaumburg, IL 60173

AdeptiCon’s continued growth and expansion happens because of people. From our passionate attendees, to our dedicated staff, to the generous support of our vendors and sponsors, AdeptiCon’s fifteen-year success story has been written by everyone involved. And along the way, AdeptiCon became something more than just gaming convention. It has become a community and social experience that extends our basement gaming table or local club night into a long weekend of celebrating the hobby we love with good friends, some of whom we only get to see once a year. And while we live in a time often characterized by division, we can set aside, at least for the next four days, those things that divide us and focus on what we all agree on – our love of painting and playing with toy soldiers!

Also Paul Sawyer, the mighty commander of the Warlord Games Studio, is coming down as well so make sure you come and say hi!

So whether this is your first AdeptiCon or just your latest, welcome to an event to be very proud of. It continues to amaze everyone, even after fifteen years, no matter how large the AdeptiCon community grows it still feels very much like a family. So get those dice warmed up, make those last minute tweaks to your army lists, and definitely stay hydrated, because the battles begin now and glory waits for no one…
Check out their website here! It’ll contain every piece of information you’ll need about the event!