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What does Warlord HQ have in store for you!

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Now that we have a breather, we thought we should tell you guys what events we have planned here at Warlord HQ so you can pencil those dates in on your calendar!
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Now, our sales team always goes to events that go on around the UK and we now have a dedicated team in the US of A, but these are the events we are hosting ourselves here in Nottingham UK and we are excited for each one! With some of these events being quite far away (date wise) there isn’t a lot divulge just yet, but be sure that plenty of info will be coming in plenty of time for each key date!

For now though, so you can plan ahead, here are some of the can’t miss events of the year:

Operation Sea Lion – 20th May

We’re starting off with a doozy, an event based around the what-if that the Germans actually tried to invade England in 1940. Whilst celebrating the book’s release, it’s also a day of fun and games.

We’ll be showing off the new units and scenarios with a special table dedicated to showing the length of the German invasion and what would-be a tenacious defense from the British Home Guard – with help from the limping British Expeditionary Force and the remains of the French & Polish Forces.

This event is on the 20th of May, will you help the British forces repel the German invaders? Or will you secure victory in the west for the third Reich. Prepare for more details and a dedicated article soon from Martin!

Antares Event Day – 1st July

With the last boot camp being so successful we just had to do more antares specials! 1st July is the date we’ve set, this event is dedicated to getting players into Antares, this is the perfect opportunity to join on the futuristic fun and happens to be around the time of our next action packed supplement for Antares!
JC014_Ghar Generator attack

Konflikt Day! – 12th August

Soviet Mammoth
The boys at Clockwork Goblin are here to bring the weird world war onto our doorstep and host a special Konflikt event, teeming with mechanical monstrosities, mythical monsters and suited-up soldiers…

We may also convince them to divulge more info on the upcoming Konflikt ’47 book, Resurgence! This event is happening on Saturday 12th of August, it’s a perfect event to go to before you go on your summer holidays! The day will be filled with fun and models flying everywhere (not literally, I hope…).

Warlord’s 10th Birthday – Games Day – The Big One! – 14th & 15th October 2017

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Now for the biggie, not much can be said but, just be prepared to be blown away by the Battles, Displays, Activities and more! Make sure your 14th and 15th of October is free because this will be the day of days to remember…


Now we are trembling with excitement here at Warlord for every event, especially with our own birthday! We’d like to see all of you attend each one but we understand that some of you can’t. So make sure to pencil those days in early because these are certainly events you don’t want to miss!

Keep your eyes peeled on the Newsletter and the Warlord Facebook pages for further details – or don’t miss a beat with daily goings on from Martin and the gang in the HQ store Facebook page:

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