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The Warlord recently paid a visit to our friends over the channel as they went on a [business] road trip to the Overlord Museum Normandy!
During the Normandy anniversary weekend this month, several of our intrepid Warlorders header over to Normandy, fortunately using the channel tunnel rather than landing craft on the beaches.

Overlord visit 4

The mission was to support our French sales manager, Eric Weisgerber (on the right), at the Overlord museum in the first of what we hope to be many events.
Overlord visit 5

Overlord visit 1


The Overlord museum, situated near Omaha beach and the American cemetery, hosts one of our favourite collections from World War II; it even has tanks in fully working order.


Overlord visit 6

fantastically detailed game tables!


Fred, the manager of the store, is a keen Bolt Action player and wanted to give his customers the opportunity of seeing and playing Bolt Action.


Overlord visit 7

“A pleasure to play on such detailed tables in a superb surrounding.” SimonT


You can find out more about this impressive collection , and how it was all brought together in our previous articles here:

Discover a Museum


Be sure to plan a visit this summer!

Overlord Museum-Omaha beach
Rond-point d’accès du Cimetière Américain
Lotissenment Omaha Center
F-14710 Colleville sur Mer
Phone: 0033(0)
Fax: 0033(0)