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Briefing Room: Worldwide Events July Update!

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Fancy attending an event, or participating in a tournament? Check out this list of worldwide events coming up during July and we’ll see you there!

2018 Bolt Action Escalation League – Alder Hobby; Manchester, NH, USA

July’s Events

Race to Berlin
4 teams of 8 made up of Western Allies, Western front Germans (late War) east Front Germans (mid/late war) and Soviets (mid/late war) fight it out for points to try and take or hold Berlin.

Alder Hobby’s Summer 2018 Scourge Campaign League
The goal of this short summer league it to allow players to gradually build up forces for a GoA Tournament to be held Saturday, Sept 1st.

Battlegroup South
Not only is it the ideal opportunity to study the world’s finest collection of AFVs from WW1 to the present day, but strategically positioned amongst the exhibits you’ll find numerous wargames tables featuring a wide range of games; historical, sci-fi, and fantasy, demonstration or participation.

This will be the 39th year of the show; last year we were pleased to see around 1000 visitors, traders and competitors attend.

Peak Offensive 3: The Return of Sven
Our third doubles tournament further details to follow two teams 500 points each both Axis or both Allied, only 40 places 10 Aaxis/10 Allied teams, 3 games using theatre and army book scenarios will be disclosed on the day.