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Warlord Games: The Evolving Community

Karl details recent changes to our community platforms...

Warlord Games: The Evolving Community
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Hello Everyone!

Karl Oliver-Kyriacou here from the Warlord Web Team.

At Warlord, our community is the number 1 priority, thus we have been hard at work at Warlord to make sure we are doing all we can to support you, specifically during this period of social distancing.

In this very short article, I wanted to take a moment to give you an update on some of the changes you will have noticed over the last month or so, and outline what to expect over the next few months.


We had been planning on launching our twitch channel for some time, and this was accelerated in March due to the COVID-19 situation and our overwhelming desire to keep in touch and have a two-way conversation with the community. So far, we have streamed for about 2 months now, and we have been humbled by your overwhelming support. Myself and Charlie Monaghan (Head of Trade Sales) have been meeting up (virtually) every Monday and Wednesday to bring the community sneak peeks at upcoming projects and releases. The plan has always been that we have a discussion-based stream on a Monday, which we are currently holding virtually, and we play a game of something on a Wednesday. For obvious reasons, meeting up and playing something in the current climate is not possible, but as the UK moves towards a relaxing of the social distancing measure, our plan is to play through and showcase to the community the new Stalingrad campaign book for Bolt Action!

Also, on Monday’s stream we took a look at the Stalingrad Battle Set (go back and watch it here). The box is jammed full of soldiers, terrain and limited edition sculpts, and one lucky follower will be picked at random to receive this prize. All you need to do to enter is follow the stream between now and 7pm BST on Monday 18th May.

The New Community Site

Our new community site was launched in March, with a focus on making the Articles and guides you come for, front and centre.

Dan and Tom have been hard at work making sure you have everything you need from new release information and solo play scenarios to reaching out to the wider Warlord Staff and contributor community to showcase some amazing hobby projects from isolated desks around the world. My stand out articles from the isolation period that I would recommend you go and read right now are;

  1. Max Ayson’s Great isolation project (

Not online is Max a fantastic painter, but also an amazing model maker. I highly recommend you take the time and give this article a read

2. Tomb Robbers of Erehwon

Written by John Lambshead, this dungeon crawler adaptation of Warlords of Erehwon is a great way to scratch your fantastical bug during isolation.


If you would like to contribute to the community front page or would like to submit an article for us to feature, we absolutely want to hear from you too. Please email into the team at


We have also refocused the online forum. and have seen a surge in new accounts registered here. It is fantastic to see such a thriving hive mind of rules clarification and project sharing amount our player base, and if you are looking for some cool ideas for games or inspiration to start that new project, head over to the forum, you will not be disappointed.


Lastly, I would really like to recognise a standout group of community contributors. On the 27th of March Forum and community site user Arzie set up the ‘Unofficial Warlord games Discord server’. If you don’t know what discord is, it’s essentially a series of online chat rooms that in this case, have been categorised into hobby ranges to make it as easy as possible to collaborate with, share with and be inspired by others contributions. If your thing is seeing others’ cool projects and wonderfully painted miniatures, I urge you to check it out here


In closing, I just wanted to let you all know about our roadmap for online content.

Naturally, as I touched on above, we are super keen to meet up and start playing games again, but only when it is safe to do so. We are incredibly humbled by those that come and talk to us live on twitch, email into us to show support and any and everyone who supports the community in one way or another.

Thank you all, and we will see you all soon.