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Numerous battles were fought over the weekend, but now that the dust has settled it’s time to see the carnage.
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The day

Last Saturday (11th), we had 8 people who answered the call to war and so they fought on 3 battlefields for glory. Each battlefield asked for a different test, armies were strained, destroyed or basked in victory. This after-report will briefly describe each event and the proceedings that followed.

We also had our friends from Small Terrain Miniature Scenery drop in to show some of their awesome terrain which they also used to supply this event as well! Check them out here!

Game 1

The first scenario came from Bolt Action rulebook, it being Demolition! In this scenario both sides are tasked with destroying their opponents base, this is done by having a squad on the objective by the end of the game turn. This would evoke a mixture of tactics, what units should attack? Who’s going to defend? It certainly forced our players to be diverse!

That precise moment just before all hell breaks loose.


Entrenched and ready for the Soviet horde.


A heroic last stand as the Germans fire their last Panzerfaust at their predatory opponent.


The T-34 moves onto its next victim.


A memorial of Sir Simon watches over the carnage that unravels around him.


The Soviets are advancing, can the Germans halt them?


Down but not out, the Germans stand strong.


Taking full advantage of the ruins against the exposed enemy.


Last man standing; he solely captured the objective through all odds.


There was certainly plenty of destruction!

Game 2

The second scenario is also from the Bolt Action rulebook, this time being Top Secret! Shhhh! This scenario is a dash and grab type, this made our defensive players come out of their shell and frantically dash for the objective! Both sides have to advance towards a singular goal to carry it back to their home side. This game had some really interesting results, involving a German squad being chased by 3 T-34s!


The Forces are prepared, guns cocked and dice ready.


Best way to grab the objective is to have every man go for it.


The first shot is patiently waiting.


The Soviets race towards the objective.


Even battle waits for those with pizza!


The German squad stacks-up and readies to grab the objective.


The Soviet horde is en-masse.


I give the German squad 5 minutes max.


The clash between the opposing armies begins, who will win?


The Soviets did as they run off with the objective.

Game 3

Our last Scenario came from the Germany Strikes book, Roadblock! This had our players split down the middle, with some being trying to run across the board into the defenders aiming to get as many units off the table as possible whilst the defenders ensure that doesn’t happen by blasting them! This game was also bigger so it was even more devastating to witness!


The staunch German defenders are ready and waiting.


The attackers are spread out across the battlefield; but will the line hold?


The Soviet armoured platoon is ready to crush anything beneath its treads.


This one? Can take anything you throw at it.


The Germans wait in perfect formation.


They might stick out, but they look good doing it!


Pinned but they keep firing!


Using the cover to their advantage, the Germans soldier on.


Under extremely heavy fire but the German blockade still stands.


Small? We prefer quick and deadly.

Next event…

Our next event is going to be Warlord Day Of Games! Not be confused with our own Games day, this day is designed entirely for the gaming pleasures of all wargamers! More details will surely follow but make sure your March 25th is free!

Warlorder Martin also has a few words to say about our next event!

Martin: Hello again fellow Warlorders, I’m here again to reveal details of Warlords day of games taking place in the events hall the 25th of March.

The focus will be on gaming, the joys of outmanoeuvring your soldiers, rolling lots of dice and muttering insults at your friends and enemies.

All Warlord games will be on display and demonstration games and participation games will be held throughout the day.

Of course, that weekend apart from being Comic Relief and Mother’s Day, also sees the release of our brand-new Test of Honour game, so be assured there will Samurai clashing over who has the reddest nose and most honourable mother.

Events miniature Sir Simon the Templar will be FREE with every purchase over £30!

Entry is FREE of charge and doors open at 10AM and shut at 5PM, both the store and events hall is free for all of your exploration needs!

See you there!

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