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Jungle Invasion! – Algoyrn Painting Showcase

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James Wappel, who we showcased recently for his great painting live stream, has created an amazing jungle themed look to an Algoryn AI trooper!

By James Wappel

The Algoryn invade a jungle world in this latest episode of Gates of Antares.  I had to come up with as many different themes and color schemes as possible for this faction, which is always the most interesting phase of creating any army!
Jungle Book B 2
Thus far, I have done the Ice World, the Spartan theme, and a few others. I wanted to have some of these interacting with their environment as much as possible!
Jungle Book B 3
The leaves are a special paper kit, which also comes with very fine wire to support them.  They can be bent and shaped, and painting them doesn’t warp the leaves, which is quite amazing!
Jungle Book B 4
I will have this guy, as well as all the other color test figures at Adepticon in just a few short days!  I will be in the Hobby Lounge, which we have named Fort Wappel.  Come and see me there, since I will be doing lots of impromptu demos!!Jungle Book B 5

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