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The new Freeborn units are coming soon…
Freeborn Teaser

We can now reveal the upcoming Freeborn units (in stores from the 3rd June), with plenty of advancements for those who have been fighting with the Freeborn already and a starter set for those who are looking to join them!

Domari Squads

All Freeborn Households are subject to a general levy in times of war or even to fulfil the necessary roles of explorers, garrison troops and ship crews. Troops levied in this way are called Domari after the name used to describe a Household – Domas, and here are the stunning new plastic troops!
Domari squads are equipped at their own expense, or that of their families. The majority of troopers carry mag-type weapons because they are effective, practical and durable, requiring little by way of complicated maintenance. In addition to Mag Guns, Domari squads commonly include a trooper armed with a magnetic launcher – a Micro-X launcher – whose role is to give covering fire and deal with enemy sheltering behind cover. Leaders tend to carry Mag or Plasma Pistols, while some favour Mag Guns or even a Plasma Carbine, which of course you’ll find on the new plastic frame.

Solar Command Skimmer


Prince Batu Delhren & Commander Baray Tsulmari


These two characters have been developed from a story we have been sharing on our site, Plaguespore, by Tim Bancroft! Come abd read more about these two and why Commander Baray Tsulmari has orders to shoot Prince Batu…

You can read Plaguespore part 1 here.

Freeborn Starter Army!

The Freeborn are raised and live upon spacecraft plying the trade routes of Antarean space, facilitating commerce and ready transport throughout the Nexus and between antagonistic states and even races of diverse and strange kinds, and none range so widely or so confidently across the perilous wastes of the blazing Antarean surface.
The troops in this army represent one such force. It includes two reinforced squads of Domari troopers. with a choice of armaments for each squad. They are led by a lavishly equipped Freeborn Captain and two bodyguards. These units are accompanied by a well-armed Transporter Drone, capable of carrying troops but also of providing some armoured support. For further support the force also includes a weapon team armed with a Mag Light Support, and a shard of Targeter probes, It is a powerful force with an excellent mix of capability, ready to destroy anyone foolish enough to dispute possession of the Freeborn’s latest discovery.

The complete collection of the new units for those of you who are yet to fight with the Freeborn will be out in stores 3rd June 2017!


Start your Freeborn army early and get ahead of the game!


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