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Learn how to become a top marksman with our quick guide…!

Know your rifle

The rifle below is the No. 4 Mk. I (T) which was the weapon used by British snipers during 1941 – ‘A man should be able to recognise his rifle quickly’ – section 2 (A). You must know about each part of the rifle, this includes the inner workings of the: nosecap, foresight, backsight, body, bolt magazine and butt. Each part must be meticulously taken care off and inspected daily.

How to use your rifle

Demonstrating your ability to fire a rifle will judge your worth as a Marksman so you must ensure that you are up to the task. There are regulations and recommendations with numerous stances and situations however beneath is an example when you are moving towards an enemy contact or when being cautious.
If you are a part of the reconnaissance unit, you must be able to read any situation and determine the right course of action. If you find yourself in a position that you may have been exposed and cannot run, create the lowest profile as possible. If you are unable to do so, do what you can and have your rifle ready as anything might happen!
When using cover, you must have as little exposure as possible. Change your stance and position appropriately in accordance with your intention. Also ensure that your camouflage is as identical to your surrounding environment as it can be.

How to spot and aim at a target

Whilst only viable if one has a commendable view, this method can be quite helpful especially when conveying information to other Marksmen. Draw sight onto a large object and imagine it to be the centre of a clock face, and use the position of the numbers on the face to indicate the location of the target. An example below.
A good Marksman will know how to judge distances effectively. You can judge distances based on a few factors such as: known view-able object size, bracketing (judging the furthest it could be and the shortest and taking the average), using a map and more. Be aware of conflicting factors such as weather, position of the sun, status of the target, i.e. if it is sitting, kneeing.

‘Do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’ with camouflage

  • Do use your common sense to outwit the enemy.
  • Do avoid conspicuous landmarks.
  • Do try to resemble your background.
  • Do keep in the shadow, and remember that shadow moves.
  • Do make use of natural cover.
  • Do avoid straight lines and regular spacing.
  • Don’t be careless and give away your comrades.
  • Don’t look up at an aeroplane.
  • Don’t stand with legs apart or with hands on hips.
  • Don’t move unless you have to, and then think how you can move under cover.
  • Don’t expose yourself needlessly.
  • Don’t use vegetation unnaturally.

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