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New: Antares Battle Supplies

Out today alongside the fantastic starter box Strike Vector One – The Xilos Horizon come all the Supplies you need to play battles in the Antarean universe!



These great templates are made in a clear blue plastic and allow you to show a variety of things on the battlefield. The round blast area effect (or Shot template as it’s known in Antares) is fairly obvious, and will be familiar to experienced wargamers… however the sprue is packed with a wide variety of templates – all of which are used to represent the effect of various drones and munitions in the game. Our particular favourite is the large Batter Drone Shield template…


A Batter Drone (take from page 110 of the Rulebook) is a defensive buddy drone that projects a kinetic energy shield or batter shield that can deflect or absorb incoming attacks. Kinetic shields are kinds of suspensor fields – the same sort of invisible energy fields that enable drones to hover and vehicles to move effortlessly through the air. Batter drones are often attached to weapon teams to provide them with mobile cover. Tactically they are great assigned to vehicle units, both to provide stand-off protection and also to shelter accompanying infantry.


Ammunition comes in many different forms, except for Net shots, munitions designed to work with larger overhead firing launchers make use of a marker rather than the usual blast template.
Markers are used to represent where a special munitions shot has landed, and are left in place and can continue to exert their influence during the course of the battle. These rather handy markers can replace the paper examples provided at the back of the Beyond the Gates of Antares rule book.


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Concord Order Dice

During play, units are given different kinds of instructions or orders. There are six different orders: Fire, Advance, Run, Ambush, Rally, and Down. We use a special six-sided order dice placed next to each unit to show the order it has been given. Each player will need their own set of distinctly coloured but otherwise identical order dice; for example Concord green and Ghar grey. The number of order dice needed depends on the type of units in the army. In most cases you will need as many dice as you have units. Order dice are included in most squad boxes when you buy Beyond the Gates of Antares models, but as you add or adapt your units within your army you may need these extras:


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Ghar Order Dice


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Last but not least; Pin Markers

These 3D markers are made in a clear red plastic… simply pop the 2 parts together and you’ve an instant marker to track the amount of pins that a unit has taken. Ideal for Antares and also for your Bolt Action battles!


When a unit is shot at by an enemy unit and suffers one or more hits it takes one pin once any casualties have been removed. Some kinds of special munitions are designed to inflict extra pins; for example netmunitions, which cast a temporary suspensor net over the target.


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