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Black Seas Launch Event

Come and celebrate the release of Black Seas with us here at Warlord HQ. We’ll have demos galore and lead designer Gabrio on hand. Our store will be fully stocked…

Bolt Action 2 & Pizza at Adler Hobbies

Bring a standard reinforced platoon at 750 points and play two games one on one or/and as a team of two VS two. No theater selectors just a standard vanilla…

Bolt Action Escalation League- @ Comix City Too! Madison, TN

Bolt Action Escalation League- @ Comix City Too! Madison, TN

Link to FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1070072429696069/?active_tab=highlights Sign up sheet: https://www.facebook.com/HQBAMidTN/ First day of the Bolt Action Ladder Campaign! This is an escalation league to learn the new 2nd edition of…

Bolt Action 2 Release-Demo Day @ Evolution Games -Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

1.Officers activate other units! Used cleverly, this creates a huge tactical shift as you can order multiple units to fire or advance in concert.
2.Big Explosions! HE fire now uses templates to determine damage – your opponent had better spread out his troops to avoid carnage!
3.Armed Transports! Once your squad has piled out of its halftrack, the driver can speed around and unleash a hail of lead at the enemy!
4.Player Feedback! We’ve listened carefully to the community and taken advantage of the thousands of battles you’ve played to improve the game in dozens of other ways.