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Upcoming Releases for Konflikt ’47

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With some lovely shiny new box sets now available for Konflikt ’47, let’s have a quick look at what’s coming up later this year!

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In Store Today!



View Konflikt ’47 in Store today

Coming Soon!



  • Allied Coyote/Guardian Light Walker
  • Soviet Heavy Infantry (Preview blister)
  • British Armoured Infantry (Preview blister)


  • German Totenkorps
  • German heavy sniper & Panzerschreck teams
  • US Mudskipper Jump Walker


  • Konflikt 47 Soviet Starter Set
  • Konflikt 47 British Starter Set
  • Soviet Heavy Infantry Section (Box Set)
  • British Armoured Infantry Section (Box Set)
  • Soviet Siberian Terror Squad


View Konflikt ’47 in Store today

Whilst we will do all we can to bring you your awesome new pieces for the dates shown sometimes the signals from the Rifts can be misread and dates may be subject to change!

What’s Konflikt ’47 all about then?

Recently, Warlorders Ches and Rich.D headed out to the Beasts of War studios in Ireland in order to film a whole heap of videos on Konflikt ’47, the 2nd Edition of Bolt Action, Beyond the Gates of Antares and MORE!

Take a look as they sit down with BoW Justin to talk us through the contents of the US Army Starter Set for Konflikt ’47!

Here we take a look through the German Army Starter Set:

…and we also saw a beginner’s Battle Report for Konflikt ’47 – with the Beasts’ own Justin facing-off against John under the guidance of Ches!

If you’re looking to learn more about the world of Konflikt ’47 – take a look at this article direct from the lead writer… then head over to the Warlord webstore, and gather reinforcements!


View Konflikt ’47 in Store today


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