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New: Algoryn Reinforcements

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‘The Battle for Xilos’ is nearly here – and so the forces of the Algoryn Prosperate prepare for war. Algoryn ships have been sighted converging upon the planet – with reinforcements pouring in…

Algoryn MC

General Tar Es Janar


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Janar is the commander in charge of the outlying sector of the Prosperate closest to Xilos – his home world.

Recognising the Ghar threat to his home world, Janar went against usual Algoryn protocol (not consulting the Prosperity’s leaders before despatching forces to the planet) – he assembled his troops into a relief force and headed for Xilos in order to relieve the trapped Concord expedition, and to deny the planet to the Ghar.

That he did so without the mandate of the Council meant that he was guilty of treason. That would however have to be a problem for another day.

To read more about Janar, keep watching the Warlord Newsletter!


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Algoryn Medic Team


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Algoryn Medics are trained battlefield emergency medical technicians who carry all the equipment necessary to save lives and to immediately rehabilitate troops suffering minor trauma who might otherwise be rendered ineffective.

Medic Teams are common amongst the forces of the Algoryn – and are highly regarded by the troopers who rely upon them in the field.


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The Battle For Xilos

Xilos Cover

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Antares Campaign coming very soon!

Xilos Campaign Preview

Not only are we launching the first narrative supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares this Summer, but we’re also working with our friends at Beasts of War to launch the first Antares Online campaign! – register, and log your battle results to determine the fate of Xilos – and to shape the universe of Antares!

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Article written by Richard Dando