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Campaign Stalingrad: Pavlov’s House

Pavlov’s House was a site of key strategic importance during the Battle of Stalingrad; subject to fierce repeated assaults by the German invaders. The siege of ‘Pavlov’s House’ is reputed to have lasted from 27 September to 25 November 1942. It became an almost mythological symbol of the staunch resistance of the Red Army to…

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Judge Dredd: Game Preview

The Judge Dredd Miniatures Game pits various factions against one another in small skirmishes of street warfare. We preview the game. Whilst the background of many of Dredd’s most famous adventures have truly nuclear consequences (see the Apocalypse War), the Judge Dredd Miniatures game is focussed on the more-typical, day-to-day clashes between gangs looking to…

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Battle For Xilos Campaign: Episode 5, The Slave Pits

Come and join us for Episode Five of the Battle For Xilos Campaign where the forces of Warlord Games’ Beyond The Gates Of Antares clash in this epic struggle. The Slave Pits are open… View Episode Five “Fartok is pursuing his arch-enemy Karg and has tracked him down to the unexplored world of Xilos. Fartok’s Outcast…

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Battle for Xilos Online Campaign – Overview

The Battle for Xilos online campaign is now live! As you probably guessed the campaign is strongly linked with the new Battle for Xilos supplement for Gates of Antares. It follows the same story described in the supplement (that originally started in the main rulebook) and the outcome of the campaign will become official history in the…

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